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Textolution technology (derived of 'text solution') is a SoftComplete Development subdivision, specialized in text processing, search, retrieval and indexing software development ready made component solutions.

It's not just only full-text search tasks solution. The primary advantage of the Textolution technology is the possibility to search and retrieve awkward text containing errors using approximate string matching and "fuzzy search". It allows to find a pattern in a text, while the pattern and the text may have "errors" and mismatches. Including advanced and flexible full-text-search and indexing system this technique provides advanced fast text search applicable to huge volume text documents, files, directories, information stores, different kinds of databases, Internet and Intranet networks. While the search query can contain different errors as typing mismatches or/and scanning and text recognition errors etc. the system will retrieve the alternative, most relevant as well as exact results.

The Textolution based development components and libraries are suitable for integration into application projects related to text processing tasks, information retrieval and indexing in various areas as databases, file and text search utilities, engines, software components and modules programming, development of work flow and electronic document management systems, enterprise software solutions and corporate systems.


25 Jun 2006
Site redesigned.

17 Jun 2006
AlphaTIX 1.1 beta available for testing (registered users only).

16 Feb 2005
AlphaTIX 1.0.6 released and available for download.

18 Sep 2004
FuzzySearch Library updated to version 2.3.1. Performance improved.