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AlphaTIX is a Full Text Indexing and Retrieval Software Development Library

AlphaTIX is a powerful, fast, scalable and easy to use Full Text Indexing and Retrieval library tool that will meet all your application's indexing and retrieval needs. AlphaTIX indexing technology provides you with highest indexing performance, unbelievable fast query processing speed and ability to index very large sets of data in minimal time even with minimum memory resources.

Advantages of Fuzzy approximate search with errors and mismatches tolerance and cross-language retrieval support versus disadvantages of Stemming single language and root dependence.

The main and unique AlphaTIX's feature that makes it top of range and different from the same type developer's solutions is the Fuzzy Search Technology (Approximate Search) used in. This means you have possibility to provide your application with search engine allowing to retrieve a text containing mistakes, "mismatches" and in addition to determinate its similarity percent. You can enable/disable this feature: depending of you needs you can set either strict correspondence or custom similarity percent search results matching. This way by setting the similarity percent you handle the match relevancy degree and flexibility of your search.

Unlike other analogical libraries AlphaTIX does not use the stemming. Instead it uses Fuzzy technique that allows to create search engines with cross-language retrieval support without need to integrate additional stemmer for each language (that is required by systems using stemming). That means when you're working with some multilingual texts and documents you need no additional language support tools. Unicode and ANSI support provides you with enough flexibility allowing to find not only regular English words but also other many languages ones and work with multiple character sets. This way your retrieval system is not restricted by the only one language nor alphabet.

AlphaTIX provides with form flexibility of cross-language words and phrases indexing in the same document that is allowed by its approximate search feature. You can misspell or make a mistake in typing your query but it will not you intervene to find words or phrases you're looking for.

AlphaTIX's flexibility and possibility to set search results similarity degree functions let your user narrow a search or find a large variety of words and phrases with various similarity to the query. Having built-in support for vector space model it makes possible to range these search results by query's similarity.

Search and retrieval with large volume queries using Boolean operators.

AlphaTIX supplies your system with powerful query operators allowing the advance searching for the needed information. It supports the standard Boolean operators (and, or, not) and proximity searches. The library has advance and flexible operators use. You can refine your search using very high volume multilevel exact queries. For example you're searching for several "exact phrases". AlphaTIX will let you to query your "exact phrase" "exact phrase 1" "exact phrase 2" and tens of other "exact phrases x". At this time the search and retrieval works correctly.

Index low percent and rocket retrieval speed.

In addition to all these advanced features AlphaTIX has a low index overhead. Some retrieval systems generate indexes that can be as much as several times the size of the indexed text. Our system's maximum index is less than 25 % of the original text's size. At that it supports the stop words like as "and", "to", "be", "the", "been", etc. Surely you can enable/disable this feature.

Unlimited volume of indexing.

AlphaTIX can work as well with small systems as it does with large ones. This gives possibility to easily index data in range from kilobytes to terabytes. What is very important is that it does have no index volume restrictions that can be more than 2 Gb. The retrieval speed depends not on the number and volume of documents included into the index but on the number of retrieved results. This provides it with significant advantage beside competitive products.

Friendly API and integration easiness.

Using AlphaTIX you will be surprised with how easy it is to integrate it into your applications. Its API is very flexible, easy to use and can be faster than ever integrated into your project. In addition you will be provided with all AlphaTIX's features application samples. In addition our company provides free unlimited technical support for our customers.

Your index in safety.

The transaction mechanism used in AlphaTIX makes it fault tolerant. It allows to protect your work saving the index you're modifying. Even if your computer or OS faults after you restart your machine your index will be automatically restored in its original or latest saved state. The auto-save time can be set by yourself.

Multiple programming languages and environments compatibility.

AlphaTIX can be used as dll or as COM-server that means you can use it as library or application with OLE interface using OLE-automation. SDKs available for Visual Basic, Visual C, C++ Builder, Delphi.

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