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for Interbase

FastTextSearch is unique solution for text information search in the Interbase database, based on text retrieval system technology.

As it's known, Interbase allows to index the string fields and to search through them. But fast search is possible at exact match of the string or of the beginning of the string (prefix) only. If we have to choose all those records containing a string at current field so we must use LIKE operator. This brings to a significant speed loss, as in such case SQL server will not use indexes, but will look over all the records step by step. The other failing of standard index is the impossibility of fast searching the records through BLOB field context.

FastTextSearch was created specially to solve such problems. Working with database FastTextSearch creates the special index structure, that allows to execute fast search in entry one or several string(s) to CHAR, VARCHAR and text BLOB fields. The total records looking over doesn't happen. Both index and search operations are executed as stored procedures and can be used from any client software by means of operator SELECT.


  • indexing contents of CHAR/VARCHAR fields
  • indexing contents of BLOB fields (with plain text or RTF)
  • SoundEx support
  • easy configuration for using with different languages (german, spanish, french etc)
  • support external filter plugins for word preprocessing: stemming, morphology etc
  • user-defined stop list for non-indexed words
  • user-defined list for unreducible words

FastTextSearch work with Inrebase SQL server ver. 5, 6, 7, FireBird and Yaffil under any Win32 platform.

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