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FuzzySearch Library

FuzzySearch library is a search utility/engine development component solution using approximate string matching aimed to find patterns in a text containing different sorts of mismatches, errors, mistypes, mistakes and misspells. We live in an error-prone world so approximate search makes text processing much more flexible easier.

FuzzySearch meets a wide range of search and retrieval needs such as: data analysis and data retrieval databases tasks, text search containing typing or spelling errors, character recognition systems, spelling correction programs, musical passages retrieval, finding misused, misspelled or mistyped scientific and forensic terms, book names and expressions possibly having misreads. So it can be integrated in a search tool or engine used in all sorts of databases, web-sites, portals and archives, various text and table editors and readers, document storages, archives, e-books, file systems and directories, networks, Internet and Intranet search engines, web-applications, work flow and electronic document management systems, enterprise software solutions and corporate systems.

FuzzySearch library functions allow both exact and approximate string comparison and matching. At the same time the approximate matching degree is flexible. I.e. you can set your custom matching percent for search results to be found and shown. All functions are optimized to search speed and oriented to text processing in natural and native languages. The library supports ANSI and Unicode strings.

FuzzySearch library is compatible with applications written in Delphi, VC, VB/VBA, and also can be used in any language as COM-object.

Check here for online demo of fuzzy string comparison ...